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In this review you will learn a three-step process that will allow you to get highly targeted leads in forums. I’ve not previously released this information so consider yourself lucky for me to share this information with you. I would like you to keep this information for your use only because you were smart enough to click through to learn more.

Step one: You will first need to find the forums that allow you to create signatures at the bottom of each post that you make. You will need to create a signature that has all three elements that I discuss below. Having a high click through signature is important for your traffic and leads.

The first element is the shock value. You want something that is going to be shocking when people hear it. You will need to deliver on the promise that you make in your signature so do not make up lies. The second element that your signature must have is curiosity. You want a person to be curious to know what the answer is to your signature. Impulse is one of the strongest ways that people use to making decisions when they are online. The third element of a good signature is including a form of a top number list. You can make it a top whatever number list. People seem to love getting the list headlines.

Step two: Once you have a your irresistible signature you will now need to use the target method. I define this method as positioning yourself right underneath the person who starts the thread. It is also a good thing for you to start at least a thread a day in your forum. If you do not feel confident enough to start your own thread then using the sniper method will help you get almost as much traffic as the person who started the thread.

To properly use the target method you will wait for new messages to appear by pressing refresh every few minutes. Once you see a brand-new thread that has zero replies you will reply with the most valuable information as fast as possible. You can also use this method to go back over the threads that have a small number of replies. The more valuable your message the more appealing you will appear. The more valuable you appear the more exposure your signature will receive.

Step three: Do not just drop one message and leave. Make sure that if there are any questions or comments related directly to the comment you posted, you respond in a timely manner. These are real people that have real questions and concerns. Giving them information and not answering any questions they have is rude. Be sure to follow up by answering all of the questions and giving very informative answers. Once you create your irresistible signature follow steps two and three over and over to get more and more traffic to your signature. In your signature you should be sending people to your lead capture page which will help you build up more and more subscribers.


Lump sum Profits

Before I start the Lump Sum Profits review, I really should tell you something about my background. A while ago, I had been playing around with selling and buying web-sites. To me, it sounded like the most likely easy income which I may make and never have to build an email list or have to ‘sell’ anyone anything.All I had to do was revamp a site, make some funds through advertising and distribute it. My first site was on Photo shop tutorials. It seemed to be getting quite a few site visitors, but yet wasn’t making any money.

Now, back then, I didn’t understand what I was doing.
So I applied a few money-making techniques and after only three months, was making $300 every month! Rather than  keep hold of it, I decided to sell of it on (it’s now and got 10x earnings! For just one measly website. I made around 1000% on that investment!

For another six months, I copied that success. I attempted to get sites that needed touching up, but was unsuccessful. After about 6 months, I actually gave up. Right until I discovered Lump Sum Profits that is.

When I very first viewed a video on the Lump Sum Profits web-site, I remember thinking, “Wow, this kid knows his stuff.” It brought to mind the thrill I had the first time I bought and sold that Photoshop website (and the profits!).

The fact about Internet website marketing and selling is the ‘messiness’ of it. First you need to make a site. Next you need to understand an effective way to make it profitable. Often it is easier in theory.

Lump Sum Profits will give you all that. Well, at least it did for me. It trained me in how to locate web sites available for sale, how to earn money on those internet websites, and how to sell them! All I needed to do was continue with the system!

About 6 months ago, I finished the actual Lump Sum Profits program and am at the moment promoting my 7th website. At the start, I acquired a handful of niche websites which had some traffic and added text link ads, banners and adsense blocks. Those ad spaces started off earning some profit, and so i sold the sites anyway. The profits were then reinvested in bigger, more aggressive sites that will, in turn, bring in more money when they’re sold…

First there are a couple of things I’d personally like to reveal to you from the Lump Sum Profits method.

The very first suggestion I’m able to give you is always to begin looking into for websites to acquire. That’s where I buy and sell almost all of my stuff. The marketplace is uncomplicated to use and they’ve already got a score method which means you know who you’re doing business with.

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